AABI-Vol 2- University City y Casa de Campo


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Ciudad Universitaria, House and otherVolume 2Places of the International Brigades in Madrid

The “Volunteers of Liberty” encouraged the spirit of resistance of the Spanish people, and later of all peoples of the world, against the nazi-fascism. Your solidarity instance remains in force, and these pages are intended to evoke, and even encourage, the spirit against new forms of fascism that threaten the world today. Therefore it is important to keep alive their symbols present in the sights of the University City and the outskirts of Madrid, and in that perennial memory location that is the Cementerio de Fuencarral.It emphasizes the important but not decisive, role that international played in the defense of Madrid during the three crucial weeks of November. The Parque del Oeste, the Bridge of the French, the Casa de Campo, Pozuelo and, above all, the University City were dumb his heroic actions and sacrifice witnesses. Everything made in defense of a village attacked by the Spanish reactionary elites, backed by aggressive Italian and German fascism.The guide follows the paths through which these volunteers, from the fields of instruction in Albacete, agreed to the scenes of the Battle of Madrid, allowing us to imagine in Chinchon, Vallecas, Vicálvaro, Fuencarral and other locations where it took the Republican command before entering combat.This second guide is dedicated to showing the locations of University City, Casa de Campo and others, where they fought and where they spent the XI and XII International Brigades during the months of November and December 1936, the crucial months of defending Madrid.



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